As a papercrafter for over 20 years I am known for specialising in the art of paper quilling, bringing new techniques and ideas to this versatile craft.

Living in sunny Suffolk, on the eastern side of England, I am surrounded by countryside, with the sea close by. Since childhood I have loved to make handcrafted objects. Over two decades ago I discovered the craft of paper quilling with a shop-bought kit. I have been quilling regularly from then alongside other paper crafts, sewing, patchwork and straw craft.

In 2002 my first quilling project was featured in Crafts Beautiful magazine – this was fringed flowers and garden tools. Ever since then my paper crafts and paper quilling have been seen regularly in Crafts Beautiful magazine and also other Aceville magazines including PaperCrafter.

I have written craft books for three publishers and I also self-published two titles focusing on paper quilling.

History of Paper Quilling

Paper Quilling How To